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5 Ways to Love Shades of Red

Wednesday, February 10th, 2016

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  We think red and pink at this time of year. Why not throughout the year?

Here are 5 ways to live with and love shades of red beyond just this one day.

  1. Start small and enjoy shades of red in simple pleasures like food:

Think about it, except for Valentine’s Day there are not a lot of red foods. OK beets, which are great, by the way, and healthy too! Use these following ways and tools that help prepare your food and drink — the basics of pleasure — to feast your appetite most hardily on shades of red.

Who doesn’t love Red Velvet — cake that is?!

Red velvet treats_casartblog

Red velvet treats via Bakerella

Use Red Velvet plates on which to eat your red velvet treats.

red velvet plates_casartblog

Red velvet plates via Pinterest

Red shaker_casartblog

Red Shaker via Pinterest

Use a red shaker to make this perfectly pink cocktail.


Surround yourself, if you so desire, by bringing red into the kitchen, quite literally, with gorgeous shiny cabinets.

Red kitchen cabinets_casartblog

Red kitchen cabinets via Better Homes & Gardens


2. Accessorize your interior with pops of red.

Red painted mirror_casartblog

Red painted mirror via Pinterest


You can use red patterned fabric if you don’t have a metal frame bed to paint.

red fabric pattern headboard_casartblog

Red Pattern Fabric Headboard via matchbookmag tumblr

Or punch up your already popping color with red accent pillows.

red pillows with headboard_casartblog

Red Accents via Pinterest

Instead of red, step down a shade to bright pink.

Pink up your walls_casartblog

Pink Bedroom via Houzz


3. Go big, go bold with walls of color:

New Orleans designer, Anne Holden shows the dramatic effects of red in this powder room featured in Southern Accents.  The red lacquered walls are divine and create a traditional elegance.


Go dramatic or go simple. Designer Marjorie Skouras delights in her own living room by adding funky, statement-pieces to spice up a perfect red.


Want to add texture? Try a Red Colorwash on the walls or Faux Padded Harlequin repositionable wallpaper, making it easy to apply, remove and even reuse.


Casart coverings Red Harlequin temporary wallpaper Formal Room

Casart coverings Red Harlequin temporary wallpaper Formal Room


4. Add shades of red color outside and accentuate your garden with pops of color.

Even if you do or don’t have a garden, sitting outdoors is a way to relax and red chair provides some style.

red metal chair_casartblog

Red Metal Chair via Pinterest

If you’d like to enjoy this view with your Valentine, use a bench to be colorful.

Red bench_casartblog

Red bench via Be Colorful


5. Get out wearing red and pink. You’ll feel sultry, seductive and undeniably striking.

Red dress_casartblog

Red Dress via Pinterest


Fuchsia wrap trench_casartblog

Fuchsia Wrap Trench via Pinterest


Well, there’s only one more thing to do, enjoy a Happy Valentine’s Day!

(and dance with your Red Shoes on too, thanks to David Bowie)


Merry Christmas from the City of Lights

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015

Casart coverings wishes all a Merry Christmas and the best of the holiday season and with colorful cheer coming from Paris, the City of Lights.

Miniature Eiffel Tower in Red on Slipcovers for your walls, casartblog

Let us all remember…

More than the tree or the decking of halls,

More than the music and mobs at the malls,

More than the feasts that are planned and prepared,

The family stories remembered and shared,

More than the lights that will soon disappear,

The manger and star that get stored till next year,

More than these things which all play a small part,

Christmas is love that lives on in each heart.

christmas-wp-christmas-360128_1024_768from  the Casart Crew

Wallpaper No Longer A Sticky Business

Wednesday, November 4th, 2015

The Olympian recently published an article describing the hot new trend of temporary wallpaper, with an interview featuring Interior Designer, Kathleen DiPaolo, who is a well-known interior designer from Orange County, California. DiPaolo goes over the benefits that removable wallpaper has, and she explains different styles that she uses in various projects.

“The quality of [removable wallpaper] is very good now. It’s not like the stick-on flowers [decals] that you used to put in your dorm room… And they’re not hard to put on or remove, so you don’t have to get a professional to do it.”

Miller Marcus_Casart coverings intern_Slipcovers for your walls_casartblog

As you can see, DiPa0lo’s sense of style is similar to some products offered by Casart coverings. This example is very similar to our French Peacock Damask Pattern featured below.

Casart coverings_French Peacock Damask, as seen on Slipcovers for your walls, casartblog

Casart coverings’ French Peacock Damask

Another example of Kathleen’s work is depicted below. We love the large scale fish and colors used.

Miller Marcus_Casart coverings intern_Slipcovers for your walls_casartblog

We noticed that DiPaolo likes to use some marine animals in her work. Casart Coverings shares that same taste for marine life, as seen in these individual fish panels below as part of our  The Gulf Coast Recovery Line.

All of these elements can be used to create a custom mural.

Casart coverings_Catfish panel panel for Gulf Coast Recovery temporary wallpaper panel_casartblog on Slipcovers for your walls Casart coverings_Redfish Bass panel panel for Gulf Coast Recovery temporary wallpaper panel_casartblog on Slipcovers for your walls Casart coverings_Tuna panel panel for Gulf Coast Recovery temporary wallpaper panel_casartblog on Slipcovers for your walls Casart coverings_Tarpon panel panel for Gulf Coast Recovery temporary wallpaper panel_casartblog on Slipcovers for your walls

Kathleen DiPaolo covers the recent change in both the design and production elements of wallpaper. DiPaolo references the many materials that are now available to create extremely durable temporary wallpaper that can even feel like a real wall. She also talks about the advances in digital printing technology which has given designers much more flexibility to create new designs. This new technology shows extremely fine detail that people have used to create much more realistic wallpaper.

Casart coverings uses this new process in every product, but you can really see the detail in our Zebrawood Collection.

Casart coverings Zebrawood temporary wallpaper, DIY, Ikea Hacks, Slipcovers for your walls_casartblog

DiPaolo was quoted as saying:

“Nowadays I think custom painting is really expensive, and you’re not guaranteed a great result – it depends on the skill of the painter. If you want to try something a little daring without spending a lot, why not try wallpaper?”

Kathleen DiPaolo advances the movement in temporary wallpaper and shows the many benefits of using them in interior design. Casart coverings noticed these advantages a while ago, and we are happy that other people are taking notice also!

— Miller Marcus

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