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Gone Fishin’

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

I’ve been writing weekly posts for quite a while now, so I’m taking some time off.  Gone cruising and maybe do some fishin’ or just laze on a sandy beach!

Casart Katherine Collection Boats on Kalamazoo, as seen on Slipcovers for your walls, casartblog

Boats on the Kalamazoo from the Katherine Collecftion

Casart-coverings_Katherine-Collection_ Quickie on the Beach scene

“Quickie on the Beach” from Casart’s Katherine Collection

–  Lorre Lei


If You Like Your Wallpaper, You Can Keep It; Period!

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

That is, IF it’s removable and reusable like Casart!

Here’s the “plan” we offer:

  • 52″ wide so less seams
  • Can be DIY-no expert needed
  • No paste
  • No glue
  • Easily repositioned for alignment
  • Easily removable without leaving a residue behind
  • Competitive pricing
  • Low “deductible” – correct measuring of space before ordering and proper prepping of surface prior to installing
  • Reusable-another time, another space, another application



–  Lorre Lei


Downsizing Without Compromising

Thursday, January 16th, 2014

Is it possible to downsize without compromising?  I don’t think so.  Marni Jameson says the trick is to downsize up.  Marni’s idea of downsizing is: “an intimate home, but not a broom closet.  I want an easy keeper, with enough usable canvas for me to imprint my soul in three dimensions.”  She want to live in comfort, be close to some city life, but not so close that she can’t see the stars at night.  “I want gracious but not grand, lovely but not lavish, pretty not pretentious.”  Is all that possible?  Perhaps.

I have a friend who was recently widowed.  Originally from Missouri, she’s lived in New Orleans for the past 50 years.  She sold her home right after her husband died and has to move before mid-March.  She has friends and one son here, another in Missouri and a daughter in Arizona.  Her solution is to rent a 3 bedroom, 2 bath apartment for a year, enjoy the company of her friends, visit the son in Missouri during the hot, humid summer and the daughter in Arizona during the cold winter months.  She will be able to take most of her furniture that matters, give children anything they want, have a garage sale and donate what remains to a non-profit.  I think she has found a way to downsize without much compromise.  Here are some advantages to downsizing.

  • more freedom from taking care of unnecessary space and stuff
  • lower overhead, such as house expenses and property taxes
  • possibly more access to services such as markets, shopping and also less driving

Designer Becky Dietrich has a Houzz ideabook on how to edit your belongings.  It’s the beginning of a series addressing small items, clothing, furniture, etc.  Here’s the link to the first installment which tackles photos, kitchen and garden tools, seasonal decorations and collectibles.  I can hardly wait to see all of her other suggestions!

At Casart, we keep moving and downsizing in mind as all of our designs are removable AND reusable.  It may have graced a wall or an entire room in one home, but could find a new life in a new space in many ways-accent wall, bookcase backings, stair risers, covering a piece of furniture, applied to a folding screen, etc., etc.

Libby Langdon Chic Chevron Accent Wall-High Point Fall, 2013

Libby Langdon Chic Chevron Accent Wall-High Point Fall, 2013

Libby Langdon Daykeover with bookcase backings from her collection for Casart coverings.  Photo-Francesco Lagnese

Libby Langdon Daykeover with bookcase backings from her collection for Casart coverings. Photo-Francesco Lagnese

Casart custom Faux Tile Stair Risers, on Slipcovers for your walls, casartblog

Casart Coverings-MoRockAnSoul Collection-Diamonds In The Ruff

Casart Faux Tortoiseshell applied to furniture

Casart Faux Tortoiseshell applied to furniture



–  Lorre Lei

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