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What Color is Your Easter Bonnet?

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016

Spring is here and Easter and the Cherry Blossom Festival time is upon us, It’s a glorious time to be in DC!

As we all get dressed up to celebrate these occasions, we want to ask you what color is your Easter Bonnet?

Here are a few wonderful examples to help you celebrate the season.

This old-fashioned example from Hibiscus House reminded us of the respectful tradition of dressing up for Easter.

And, where else is there a time-honored tradition of wearing hats, The Kentucky Derby of course! This will be right around the corner in May. This sunny sunflower hat will certainly grab attention. Just be careful as you turn while wearing it. Don’t want to knock anyone’s mint julep.

Sunflower Easter Bonnet_casartblog

via Hibiscus House

How could we not like this lively floral bonnet from Flora2000, with its own butterfly.

Easter Bonnet hat with butterfly_casartblog

via Flora2000

When thinking of these Easter bonnet and springtime colors above, we have our own decorative wall decor to wear with these colorful Casart Slipcovers for your walls. First up, Casart Yellow Colorwash temporary wallpaper, styled here by Mary Douglas Drysdale, as part of our Wallfinishes Collection.

Casart coverings Yellow Colorwash temporary wallpaper_Drysdale Interior design_casartblog

Drysdale Design & Casart Colorwash coverings

This next room, fits the bill for pink and green with our Green Artichaut as the focal point. It was easily installed with a peel and stick, self-adhesive backing, and easy to also remove and reuse.

Casart coverings Artichoke temporary wallpaper bedroom_casartblog

Teenager’s bedroom with Artichaut Element / Designs & Murals

And of course we love butterflies!

Casart coverings Butterfly wallcovering on Slipcovers for your walls_casartblog

Casart Butterfly wallcovering

Especially our brand blue!

Casart Single Blue Butterfly_Slipcovers for your walls, casartblog


With the start of Cherry Blossom Festival in DC next week, here are a few sneak peek pics as the blossoms are near popping. Millions of people will descend upon the city to see the spectacular display at its peak.

casart_Cherry-Blossoms_casartblog. Photo by C. Ashley Spencer

Cherry Blossom on Photobucket

All of these spring flowers and colors are inspirational as we think about and work on new designs.

Here are just a few examples derived from Nature’s inspiration for these beautiful reusable wallcoverings.

Casart coverings Rose Raw Silk.


These wonderful prize-winning camellias were the inspiration for our Camellia wallcovering.



Here it is used as a decorative accent to add personality to a dorm room.

Casart coverings Camellia at College_casartblog

As there is a comeback in florals, we’ve enjoyed offering Peonies in several colors along with our other Botanicals, like Flower Power below.

Casart Flower Power temporary wallpaper on Slipcovers for your walls, casartblog

If you’d like to treat someone else with Casart wallcovering, give an Easter Floral Gift Card.

Unlike real flowers, these last!


We close with this beautiful de Gournay wallpaper, featured in Traditional Home, to give you some extra inspiration to dress up your space with your own Easter Bonnet.

Of course, this is traditional wallpaper needing extra cost for professional installation and with no reusability. This room, designed by Melissa Warner, inspires us with its unusual pop of orange color and gorgeous Chinoiserie style.


Wishing you a happy Easter and springtime celebration!

And remember this as you don your Easter Bonnet…You can always be unique and pop your own peeps!

Easter Bunny Peep hat_casartblog

NYC Easter Parade – via Buzz Feed


Fresh and Green. It’s a Spring Thing!

Wednesday, March 16th, 2016

Gotta go green on St. Patrick’s Day, no matter what “green” means for people these days. Here are a few “lucky” finds.  Take a look at these simple, fresh and clean looks from dhesja via MD House. We like this website’s grooving music too!!

Disco inspired carpet from Dhesja carpet


Floor carpet from Dhesja carpet

Floral Floor carpet from Dhesja carpet

This room from Homes & Gardens almost maxes out my “that’s overkill” level for the color green.  But, it seems to work.  Just add a few celebrities and it will really work.

Homes & Gardens

Here’s a nice collection of just some of our offerings in green.  Perhaps they will inspire you to change things up for the spring and summer months ahead.

A collection of Casart coverings from our green palette

And, of course Mary Douglas Drysdale’s two Signature Color Greens are timeless and can be used all throughout the year.

Mary Douglas Drysdale Signature Colors - Federal Green Faux Linen - Casart coverings

Drysdale Signature Federal Green Color for Casart coverings removable Faux Linen wallcovering


Mary Douglas Drysdale Signature Colors - Early Spring Green - Casart coverings

Mary Douglas Drysdale Early Spring Signature Color Colorwash for Casart coverings

Many other Casart designs come in a green colorway, like our popular Faux Tortoiseshell and Faux Glass Mosaic Tile.

Casart covering Faux Tortoiseshell Green Swatch temporary wallpaper

Casart Green Faux Tortoiseshell wallcovering

Casart coverings_Faux Glass Mosaic Green Tile temporary wallpaper_casartblog

Lastly, check out this St. Patrick’s Day teascape from Between Naps on the Porch.  The clover theme is both cute and clever.

Happy early St. Patrick’s Day!  Go enjoy a glass of something green!


Best Fireplace Seating Arrangements to Consider

Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

Yes, winter is still here but with February coming to a close there may be little time to still enjoy a fire.

If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace, here are some of the best fireplace seating arrangements to consider. Going with expected arrangements can give a comforting impression but mixing it up with the unexpected or the odd shaped room can leave a lasting impression. You can also vary any of these depending on the type of furniture used, e.g. chairs versus sofas or benches or stools or a combination.

1. Standard arrangements include a “U” with furniture placed on the perimeter of a square shape room with the fireplace as the focal point.

2. Another arrangement is an “L” shape with the furniture placed as above but not completing the square. This arrangement works well with a rectangle room and gives the fireplace the central feature but can be more welcoming upon entering a room, particularly if you are not limited in your space.

Fireplace Arrangement_Brad Ramsey Interiors_casartblog

BRI – Brad Ramsey Interiors via Houzz

3. There is a ” T ” shape that is similar to the two arrangements above but brings the seating closer, in front of the fireplace, often with a table running perpendicular and the furniture on either side facing each other. This is the perfect arrangement for fireside chats or game night. Just make sure you’re not too close to the fireplace so your game board pieces don’t melt, but if you’re doing s’mores then voilá!

Fireplace 2 Better Homes and Gardens_casartblog

via Better Homes and Gardens

In both of these arrangements, modern and traditional, the top of the “T” is the fireplace itself.

Fireplace 1 Better Homes and Gardens_casartblog

via Better Homes and Gardens

After visiting one of our local favorite new restaurants, Magnolia’s on King, we can attest that this seating arrangement is very flexible, bringing up a bench to complete an ” I ” arrangement or leaving it open. Either way, the Palm Lounge does an excellent job of creating the ambiance that we all enjoy by the fire. Having cocktails just adds extra warmth!

Palm Lounge fireplace via Magnolia's on King_casartblog

Palm Lounge via Magnolia’s on King

4. Similar to above, try angling two chairs on either side of the fireplace facing a sofa. This creates a great conversation room where the fireplace adds a cozy backdrop for entertaining with friends.

Morrison Homes Fireplace seating_casartblog

Morrison Homes fireplace seating via Houzz

5. What about the odd shaped room, however, where the fireplace might be on an angled wall? Rather than use the typical arrangements above based primarily on the room shape, concentrate your arrangement with the fireplace as the central axis point.  The Decorologist gives a great example in the post “A Sure-Fire Way to Tell if Your Furniture Arrangement is Wrong.” It suggests a simple but effective trick of simply taking a picture facing your fireplace and arranging furniture around the frame so the fireplace not the shape of the room is the main architectural focus.

Fireplace view before via Decorologist_casartblog

Fireplace view before via Decorologist


Fireplace view after via Decorologist_casartblog

Fireplace view after via Decorologist


Full view arrangement from entry via Decorologist_casartblog

Full view arrangement from entry via Decorologist

Notice the last image keeps a more open “L” shape arrangement with a side-chair anchoring the corner.

Here’s a another resourceful link from Better Homes & Gardens for fail-safe furniture arranging.

If you want more useful tips on Fireplaces, click the Washington Post article link to weigh in on whether “Gas or Wood-Burning May Reflect your View on Living,” in which one of our favorite designers, Mary Douglas Drysdale is quoted:

“For Washington designer Mary Douglas Drysdale, fireplaces have a lot of style importance; seating is often built around them, and they become the focal point of a room, whether they are sleek and modern or traditional. But wood-burning fireplaces bring back warm memories of childhood. “There’s a lot of emotion around fireplaces,” Drysdale says. “I learned how to make a fire as a child, and we used to sit around it and drink hot cocoa and tell stories. Even today, I enjoy the ritual of making the fire; you don’t just flip on a switch like a TV. The art of building a fire is more like writing. It’s slower and more thoughtful.””

We couldn’t agree more!

Mary Douglas Drysdale fireplace arrangement_via Washington Post_casartblog

If you’d like to also see cool and firery wallpaper with Mary Douglas Drysdale’s Signature Colors, click here.

Mary Douglas Drysdale Signature Colors - Innocence Colorwash - Casart coverings

Mary Douglas Drysdale Signature Color Innocence, colorwash removable wallcovering


casart-orange-faux-Linen and Drysdale-room view_casartblog

Orange Faux Linen with Interior Design by Mary Douglas Drysdale



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