Defining Luxury

Luxury is relative and subjective. Luxury is having leisure time, which we don’t at Casart because we are getting ready for a sale on One Kings Lane this Sunday, December 2 nd.

Making out your holiday shopping list and checking it twice?

Including the Casart Coverings sale at One Kings Lane would be nice!

Still time to decorate your home with seasonal cheer.

To help do it with ease, Casart Coverings is here.

Elle Decor dubbed their November 2012 issue The Luxury Issue.  They surveyed designers and asked some of their favorite designers what constitutes real luxury for them.  The results are interesting.

68% of designers surveyed said quality is the most important factor in determining true luxury.  38% said design comes first when selecting items for their clients.  High-end materials came in second at 29% and craftsmanship was a surprising third at 22%.  Another surprise-no one listed brand or material recognition as important.

What’s the most important thing in determining if a home is in the luxury category?  Location, of course! (34%)  Only 1% mentioned square footage though.

The internet has become an important resource for information.  More than half of the designers use it to research furniture and wallcoverings and more than 40% search out fabrics and antiques online.

Where do designers plan to spend their clients’ and their own money in 2013?  69% will buy paint seven times or more, fabrics and wallcoverings-64% and rugs and carpeting-50%.  75% of the designers say they are creating custom work for clients as often or more often than before the recession.  72% of the designers say they will make at least seven art and antiques purchases in the next year.

How do some designers define luxury?

“Luxury is living a simple, elegant, and responsible life.”-Steven Volpe

“Luxury is defining your life so it fits your needs.”-Richard Mishaan

“When something gets made for you, and only you, it’s the height of luxury…”-Alexa Hampton

“The ability to travel and see things of interest, even spur-of-the-moment, is luxury.”-Jan Showers

“Keep things simple and buy the best you can afford.  I’d rather have one fabulous painting than six mediocre paintings.”-Waldo Fernandez.

I have my own definition of luxury.  To paraphrase Waldo Fernandez, I like to keep things simple but elegant.  Here is a picture of something very simple.  It is a navel orange I picked off of my tree this morning.  It measures 4 1/2 inches high and 5 inches in diameter.  It is the largest orange I have ever seen, much less picked from my own tree.  I consider it a luxurious food item.

I do buy the best I can afford.  I do have one fabulous painting by William Glackens purchased years ago from Hammer Galleries.  The circumstances of that purchase made it a luxury for my husband and me.  It was more than we could afford at the time and we purchased it in 3 installments!

Her name is Miriam and she surveys the living room and the yard beyond from a central location on a long wall.  I walk past her many times each day and she had become a familiar fixture, an old friend, yet I never take her presence for granted.  She represents a luxury in my life.

– Lorre Lei


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