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Ways that Wallcovering can Solve Some of your Decorating Dilemmas

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

Have you ever had decorating dilemmas in your house? Here are a few ways that wallcovering can serve as a solution to some of your problems:

Do you have markers, pencils, pen marks, or dog scratches on the wall? No problem! Instead of spending all of that time trying to clean it up, consider fixing it easily with wallcovering, while at the same time decorating your home!

Casart coverings_French Peacock Damask, as seen on Slipcovers for your walls, casartblog

French Peacock Damask

Have you found dents or dings on walls following a little one’s temper tantrum?  If they aren’t too large, wallcovering may be able to solve that problem, too, by covering up those affected areas. However, if you have large holes, you’ll have to patch first.

Flower Power Botanical

Flower Power Wallcovering

What if you can’t even paint your walls, if you are renting? Someone who doesn’t have time to paint probably won’t have time to put up wallcovering, either. Wallcovering that is removable and doesn’t leave a residue behind on the wall can solve the decorating problem for renters and for those with lack of time, because it is quick and easy to install, and in most cases, can go over your existing painted finish.  Plus, the wallcovering can be reused at another time and location, even on cabinets or furniture fronts and screens.  It can also be used for bookcase backings, stair risers, and many more decorating projects!

Libby Langdon Groovy Gate Midnight Navy for Casart coverings

Libby Langdon Groovy Gate Midnight Navy

Libby Langdon-Groovy Gate Bookcase Backing

Libby Langdon Groovy Gate Bookcase Backing

Screen after groovy gate_on Slipcovers for your walls, casartblog

Libby Langdon Groovy Gate Screen

The above illustrations demonstrate Casart coverings’ versatility in providing multiple design concepts. Our coverings provide decorating solutions for these and many other decorating dilemmas.

Most of all, if you’re looking for a way to give your home an interior makeover, don’t worry about the time, stress and money of all that is involved (stressing over choosing the right paint and spending time and money picking it up). Casart has numerous designs to offer that anyone can easily install as a DIY project: easy to put up, easy to take down, easy to reuse — as our slogan says, like Slipcovers for your walls!

Ebo Quansah

Social Media/Virtual Assistant Intern

Sharing is Caring: Social Insight for Interior Designers

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

Casart coverings has continued to engage in discussions with other designers over many social networking platforms. Social media websites, especially Twitter, has allowed our company to connect with other interior designers easily and effectively, and has also allowed them to provide feedback on which types of designs they might use for their projects. We also provide helpful and positive feedback about their products and designs! This is mutually complimentary and socialized.

For example, Ronique Gibson, associate architect & lifestyle expert,  tweeted us about what she felt would look best with our Faux Glass Tile:

Casart-Faux Glass Mosaic Pink-tile in room, as seen on Slipcovers for your walls, casartblog

Ronique Gibson commented that our design “would look great as an accent wall in a kitchen, bath or in an apartment.” The feedback we receive from others helps us understand what potential customers think will work best with our products.

Below is just one of the many examples of ways you can enjoy outdoor living on Ronique Gibson’s Stagetecture Blog.

We love this design sourced from Pinterest! We hope you’ll share as we will.

Ronique Gibson Outdoor Lounge

We expect that social media engagement will continue to grow, as it encourages a community to stay in touch and give and receive insights about interior design.

Another example of receiving social insight for interior designers includes using Pinterest to pin designs from one’s own business and learn which ones get the most interest. Recently, a “Cool Blue” Pinterest board was made in order to advertise some of the Casart blue designs for inspiring our summer sale. Below is an example of a cool blue design that we pinned, that others can then share, re-pin, and provide feedback. The pillow design is a Flower Power Botanical Accent that is paired with a Libby Langdon Groovy Gate design used on a screen and seen below.

The latter was one of the more popular pins on this board.

Casart Flower Power Botanical Accents Pillow

Libby Langdon Groovy Gate in Midnight Navy for Casart coverings

Other Cool Blue possibilities:  Lively Lattice in Icy Blue or mix it up with Aqua Teal as a complement to blue:

Libby Langdon Lively-lattice_icy blue for Casart coverings

Libby Langdon Lively Lattice in Aqua Mist

Facebook is also a great way to share designs, like, and comment on others people’s’ work! For example, a popular design that received a lot of shares and likes on our Facebook page was Mary Douglas’s Drysdale Signature Color Lipstick Plus:

Mary Douglas Drysdale Lipstick Plus Pink for Casart at Antiques in Alexandria on casartblog

Here is a challenge that can be a fun way to share others designs: For the first three comments to the following question that we receive from interior designers, we will mention them in a tweet and showcase their work:

Lively Lattice is one of how many memorable geometrics of the Libby Langdon collection

and how do you see this design being used in your work?

Don’t forget, tomorrow is the last day for you to participate in our 30% off sale! Act quickly to get these discounted wallcoverings for yourself or even for someone else!

When you purchase our wallcovering designs, you can take part in sharing by commenting and reviewing our products directly on the product pages. You can send pictures to us so that we can provide feedback too about your interior designs. Positive sharing is caring. We care about your feedback and satisfaction of the products that you receive! We like to share and showcase other’s work, especially when Casart coverings can be used in them.

Libby Langdon’s Warm & Inviting Perfect Pairings

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

Have you seen Libby Langdon’s new Warm & Inviting rug and pillow & accents collection for Wallmart?

You’ll be surprised how sophisticated the items are.

Libby’s done a fantastic job of creating several looks for just two different rooms, with the same furniture used in different arrangements.

Libby Langdon Collection for Wallmart

Chic & cheerful

Libby Langdon Collection for Wallmart

Sophisticated style

Libby Langdon Collection for Wallmart

Cool & current

Libby Langdon Collection for Wallmart

Soft & serene

Libby Langdon Collection for Wallmart

Color pop

Libby Langdon Collection for Wallmart

Beach house

She’s mixed and matched the patterns and colors with solids to create distinct looks with stand out appeal.

We can also see these designs paired perfectly with Libby’s temporary wallcovering collection.

What about Groovy Gate Hampton Beige on the wall for Soft & serene, Beach House and even Color pop.

LL Groovy Gate_Hampton Beige_Casart coverings

The Groovy Gate has a interwoven design similar to the contemporary tongue and groove used in the Color pop room rug.

It even coordinates with many of the pillow designs too!

We can also see the Groovy Gate in Midnight Navy on the walls for the Chic & cheerful look.

 Libby Langdon Groovy Gate in Midnight Navy for Casart coverings

It’s a great way to coordinate with a Beach house look as well, as seen in Casart Light below.

Libby Langdon Groovy Gate Midnight Navy for Casart coverings

If you really want to go all-out-wild with Chevron, you can always add Libby’s Chic Chevron in Orange Fire to the Cool & current look.

Libby Langdon Chic Chevron Orange

Libby Langdon Chic Chevron for Casart coverings

Chic Chevron from the Libby Langdon Collection for Casart

And it comes in teal too, so could be a fun accent for the Beach house look.

Libby Langdon Chic Chevron in Totally Teal, on Slipcovers for your walls, casartblog

Libby Langdon Chic Chevron in Totally Teal

We can see the Libby’s Lively Lattice in Aqua Mist working with the Soft and serene look.

Libby Langdon Lively Lattice in Aqua Mist

Remember, even if some color hues may be slightly different, we can always customize to the color of your choice.

That’s the beauty of digitally printed wallpaper. All our wallcoverings are custom printed whenever you order.

With so many choices how can you go wrong?


Casart multiple rolls_Libby Langdon Collection

Libby Langdon Collection for Casart Coverings


And with a 30% off SALE, how can you pass it up?!

Get there quickly, however, before the sale passes you by.

Go to Libby’s Warm & Inviting Collection for Wallmart here.

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