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Interior Design with Teens in Mind

Wednesday, August 12th, 2015

We’re very happy to have a guest blog post today written by Patricia Leitao, from  She has some practical and easy solutions to consider for interior design with teens in mind. We hope you’ll enjoy reading her post.

What’s the one thing you can count on when designing for teenagers? Anything they like will, most likely, change in the next year or so. And when you can count on such changing tastes, you need interior design tools that can keep up with you and your growing teenager. Instead of repainting or re-wallpapering their room every year, why not consider an alternative that can grow with them?

Casart coverings offers one of the most versatile options for teens with changing tastes. By using removable, reusable wall coverings, you can easily change the design anytime your teen’s heart desires.

Teen stripe bedroom via on Slipcovers for your walls_casartblog

All photos via, except where noted

First off, work with your teen to choose an option that is neutral enough to be playful or grown-up, one that they like and won’t completely grow out of in a few months. Use it to completely cover the walls, if you’d like, or maybe do a split wall with the design above or below a complementary paint color.

Next, as your teen outgrows this look, use the same Casart to create playful stripes in their room – try vertical, horizontal, or clustered around an area they spend a lot of time in, such as a reading or computer area. Let them help – as playful as it might be, it can always be changed later.

Once your teen is ready to personalize their design, use your Casart to create a framed area of the wall where they can stencil in a write a quote phrase they like. Make it art that can be changed as your teen grows older, but allow them to have some control over the design as well.

Hoping to move on to something a little more grown up? Instead of your Casart wallcovering being the focal point, try switching to Casart as an accent material to make the room feel dynamic without it feeling immature.

Teen stripe bedroom 2 via on Slipcovers for your walls_casartblog

Try using it as a headboard for your teen’s bed and include some pieces in the back of a bookshelf, or maybe even covering the top of the bedside table.

Casart_Plum faux padded Headboard Vignette, casartblog

Casart’s Plum Faux Padded Headboard via Organics Collection

Casart coverings_Libby Langdon Lively Lattice used as a Bookcase Backing

Libby Langdon Groovy Gate used as a Bookcase Backing via Libby Langdon Collection for Casart

table with paint, wallcovering and new hardware on Slipcovers for your walls, casartblog

“Refreshed” table with paint, wallcovering and new hardware (unknown source)

Eventually, your teen will have grown into a young adult, and will pack up and head out. While they’ll more likely than not want to take their Casart with them, you may be lucky enough to keep it! Find ways to use it to complement the other furniture you choose to turn their room into a mature, formal guest room. The familiar design will help them feel at home when they come for visits, and it’ll help you design a sophisticated, unique guest room others will be begging to stay in, too!

Teen bedroom 3 via on Slipcovers for your walls, casartblog

Be sure to check for more decorating ideas on, a company that helps homeowners connect with reliable contractors for their home improvement projects.

Summer Moves

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015

There seems to be an increased number of For Sale signs recently.  Summer appears to be a popular time to contemplate changing your digs.  Perhaps it’s because school is out, the children are going off to college, moving out, it’s time to downsize, or the economy is still a black cloud overhead.  Whatever the reason, Cora Sue Anthony, host of Real Estate Intervention, offers advice on buying, staging, and selling on HGTV.

house-for-sale on Slipcovers for your walls, casartblog

Selling and Staging:  Expect people to snoop!  The two biggest turnoffs for buyers are clutter and bad odors.  People like to see that you’ve been able to fit all your things and there’s room left over.  Don’t use plug-ins to mask odors.  They may be irritating to some people.  Put away your personal pictures which could be distracting.  Use objects that will appeal to anyone instead; a stack of books, a cluster of candles, a bowl of fruit and you can never go wrong with fresh flowers.  Some of the little niceties that owners often overlook are fresh soap and towels in the bathrooms, clean dish towels and pot holders in the kitchen, and a new doormat is always welcoming.  Cora Sue’s staging secrets include: put away all fragile items that might break, get rid of any signs of pets, remove safety hazards like  small area rugs or runners and my favorite-scent the lawn with cedar or pine mulch to shrubs and flower beds.  Lastly and most important ALWAYS leave your home during an open house or a showing.

Here are Cora Sue’s tips for buyers (and for owners to keep in mind).  Anything that’s part of the house is fair game to be looked at — the attic, garage, closets, cabinets, appliances included in the sale.  Medicine cabinets, desks, dressers and nightstands should be off-limits (but often are not).  Always ask why the owner is selling.  Inquire about what repairs have been made.  This could be helpful information for negotiating a price.

The following are some suggestions for how Casart temporary and reusable wallcovering could be used for staging.  A little will go a long way to sprucing up an entry hall or a powder room and you can take it with you when you sell as well as enjoy your new decor in the interim.  Look at your stairs.  Depending on their location, they may be the first thing a potential buyer sees when they walk into the house.  Do they look just ho hum? Are you seeing scuff marks on the risers?  Consider Casart stair risers.

Use a "progressive" scene to highlight your stairs.

Casart Woodland Stream Mural on stair risers

Casart customer Stairs Before & After Libby Langdon Chic Chevron Casart wallcovering

Casart customer Stairs Before & After Libby Langdon Chic Chevron wallcovering

Casart coverings after Della Robbia Stair Risers on Slipcovers for your walls, casartblog

Alternate Risers with Casart Della Robbia

If there isn’t a backsplash in the kitchen, try our faux glass mosaic tile printed on either the standard color or if you love the color of the wall and want the color to show through as the “grout” and it’s a light color, then select Casart Clear.

Casart coverings Faux Glass Mosaic Tile in People Magazine

Casart Faux Glass Mosaic Tile in People Magazine

Casart coverings Pink-Tile-casart-website

Some Casart Faux Glass Mosaic Tile colorways

 Create a memory point — something that will positively stand out so a potential buyer will remember your home as being different. Faux Glass Mosaic Tile wallcovering doesn’t just have to be used as a backsplash; it can be used a full wall treatment, giving your place that wow factor. And everyone will be happy to learn that the wallcovering can be removed easily if one chooses. Actually, a stager can even use at another property or the homeowner can even take it with them when they move. You can’t do that with real tile!

Casart coverings-Faux Glass-Pink-tile in room_casartblog

Casart Faux Glass Tile used as full wall decoration – beyond just backsplashes

When staging your home, keeping Cora Sue Anthony’s quote in mind will help,”Remember, the way you live in your home, and the way you market and sell your house are two different things.”

In fact, it is about marketing and showing off your home in it’s best light to others.

5 Ways to Gear Up for the School Groove

Wednesday, July 29th, 2015

It’s hard to believe but it’s nearly that time of year again! Where did the summer go? Are you gearing up for the school groove? If so, here’s a list of some helpful items to take with you from a previous post and some ways below to personalize your space, if you or someone you know is going off to college.

1) Coordinate the Look with Linens:

This is a way to reach out to your roommate. Show your consideration by asking if they would like to coordinate some colors with linens and towels? This will give a unified look to the room but still allow each individual to personalize with other methods like below.

Toile duvet and window shades from Pottery Barn on Slipcovers for your walls, casarblog

Toile duvet and window shades from Pottery Barn.

Polyvore towels on Slipcovers for your walls, casartblog

2) Faux Padded Headboard:

Toile, Faux Linen or combination or Faux Padded and even Faux Panels that you can customize if you choose.

Casart coverings Alice in Wonderland Toile Headboard Sample

Casart gray faux padded headboard-Country Living

Casart gray Faux Padded Headboard featured in Country Living


Make a headboard using Casart coverings over the glass of a frame

Make a headboard using Casart over the glass of a frame

DIY casart headboard detail

Casart Faux Linen headboard detail

DIY Casart Faux Linen softens a real headboad on Slipcovers for your walls, casartblog

DIY Casart Faux Linen softens a real headboard

Casart Customer uses Faux Panels for a headboard on Slipcovers for your walls, casartblog

Casart Customer uses Casart Faux Panels for a headboard

3) Botanical Mural Elements:

Artichaut and a Pillow Slipcover to match & coordinate or a beautiful Floral Print.

casart_coverings_Artichoke_bedroom, as seen on Slipcovers for your walls, casartblog

Casart Artichaut Element / Designs & Murals


Ann Alger White Petal in room_casartblog

Ann Alger White Petal

Casart flower power pillow slipcover

Casart’s Flower Power Pillow

4) Wall and Door Decoration:

Crawfish Cotillion, Faux Linen, Faux Plaster Door Panels, to name a few. With 18 collections, over 120 different designs and over 6,000 variations, you have a lot from which to choose and you can customize almost anything to make it truly your own. Unprinted Casart Creative allows you to paint the wall color your choice.


Casart Gulf Coast Recovery Purple Crawfish Cotillion in Bedroom

Casart coveringsFaux Linen & Faux Plaster Shells on Door on Slipcovers for your walls, casartblog

Casart Faux Linen & Faux Plaster Door Panels

Casart Faux Plaster Door Panels on Slipcovers for your walls, casartblog

Casart Faux Plaster Door Panels

5) Study Nook:

Peacock Damask + Casart Décor to match. Line your desk with bookcase backings from the Libby Langdon Collection or a Faux Tortoiseshell and create a custom screen for some privacy.

Casart coverings_French Peacock Damask, as seen on Slipcovers for your walls, casartblog

Casart coverings’ French Peacock Damask

Casart Peacock Damask Pillow-wallcovering

Black Anise / White Peacock Damask pillow slipcover with Ginger/ Down wallcovering

Casart coverings_Libby Langdon Lively Lattice used as a Bookcase Backing

Libby Langdon Groovy Gate used as a Bookcase Backing

Casart coverings_Karen Robertson Collection_Tortoiseshell_green_casartblog

A Faux Tortoiseshell works as a Casart Bookcase Backing

Screen After Casart Natural Faux Tortoiseshell

Screen After Casart Faux Tortoiseshell wallcovering

All these decorating ideas help ease the transition in going off to college by personalizing your dorm room and enjoying making it your own space. Let’s see your ideas!

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