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Easy Wall Panel Glam

Wednesday, April 20th, 2016

Seeing this image in Veranda magazine made us think how easy it is to get wall panel glam!

We had never thought of using empty frames hung symmetrically on a wall to give the impression of paneling.

Sure we’ve seen similar framed images or photos hung on a wall or even empty but ornate styled frames to give interest, but this idea is so simple and sophisticated and breaks the notion that you need to spend a lot of money, time or effort on construction to add architectural paneling to a wall that would be permanent. Just buy simple, elegant frames!

This adds the same three-dimensional interest as real paneling. The hardest part might be aligning the placement when hanging the frames.


Another easy solution would be using architecturally inspired wallcovering that is repositionable, temporary (if you want it to be) and reusable.

Casart coverings Architectural Faux Panel temporary wallpaper in assorted colors_casartblog

Casart Architectural Faux Panel in assorted colors

These faux panel wallcoverings can be used for a small project like a headboard or a screen.

Casart Customer uses Faux Panels for a headboard on Slipcovers for your walls, casartblog

Casart Customer uses Casart Faux Panels for a headboard

Casart Screen2 with Faux Panels + Inserts_casartblog

They can even be coordinated with an accent pillow in the same grotesca scroll design.

Casart Scroll Pillow_ Faux Panel Screen_casartblog

Or panel an entire wall or room.

Casart coverings Archtectural Panels_temporary wallpaper with sofa_casartblog

The real easy thing here is that there is no time involved to align the frames or even nails or holes in your wall to get an easy architectural look. Frames or temporary wallpaper gets glam without the cost of construction or professional wallpapering, since Casart wallcoverings can be easily installed by removing the backing/ liner sheet and pressing them to the surface. Voilá! Instant and easy wall glam!

Visuals That Make You Wander

Wednesday, April 13th, 2016

Or is it wonder?…

Frontgate’s new Outdoor Book just came and the visuals are so great!!

They just make you want to wander with your thoughts and wish you were in every outdoor scene, sitting, relaxing, soaking in the warmth and enjoying the stress-free day!

Wouldn’t you want to be here?!

Frontgate_Outdoor bk_Visuals that Make You Wander_casartblog

Than here?!

Blizzard 2010 street scene_casartblog

Although, it is a pretty winter wonderland scene, but….it’s no longer winter.

Here in the Northeast, as we just got blasted with one last winter spell of freeze warnings, frost and wind-chill-factors of 10 degrees (!), it is so nice to think of actual spring, and the warm weather that is hopefully upon us as this post publishes.

Frontgate has done such a tremendous job of setting the visual scene that coordinates with each of their collection names.

The scenes truly make your mind wander with thoughts of travel during warm months to these various locations, spanning across the US to the Caribbean to Europe: Pasadena, Palermo, Sedona, Charleston, Orleans, Hampton, Barcelona, Sorrento, Ravello, Provence, Hyde Park, Belize, Havana, St. Kitts, just to name a few of the 145 total. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but California Wine Country always appeals.

Frontgate Palermo Bronze_casartblog

Frontgate Palermo Bronze

Frontgate Palermo White_casartblog

Frontgate Palermo White

This is modular furniture but if you like curvaceous circular, they’ve got that style covered too.

Frontgate Ravello_casartblog

Frontgate Ravello

Frontgate Mira_casartblog

Frontgate Mira

And streamline too…

Frontgate Newport_casartblog

Frontgate Newport

Let’s say pattern is your thing, well how appropriate with a collection with reference to Versace, we imagine.

Frontgate Donatella_casartblog

Frontgate Donatella

And color, here you go…perfect for a Caribbean retreat. This should have you thinking, “Where are my daiquiris?”

Frontgate Ibis Isle_casartblog

Frontgate Ibis Isle

Of course, we’re drawn to anything that reminds us of our New Orleans hometown heritage.

This image has us saying, “Veranda, what veranda? Just let us live outdoors!”

Frontgate Orleans Biscayne_casartblog

Frontgate Orleans Biscayne

In fact, we like to pay tribute to the outdoors too.

Our Gulf Coast Mural with individual panels that can be purchased separately pays tribute (literally) to Nature and New Orleans, with 10% proceeds donated to ongoing Gulf Coast Recovery efforts. This effort helps to build up and protect The Gulf Coast shoreline and Bywater areas that help prepare and prevent another Hurricane Katrina –“big storm” type disaster. Although hurricane season doesn’t officially start until June 1st, this recent “cold blob” can affect it.


This Casart mural can be created in other configurations with these separate panels

And that means anything coastal as well…This Hampton Collection covers the design sensibility of the North and Southern quadrant. Love those shell pillows!

Frontgate Hampton Ivory_casartblog

Frontgate Hampton Ivory

Adding any coastal designs to your space, will make you think that spring is definitely here and summer is right around the corner.

Starfish pattern from Casart coverings Figurative Designs & Murals_casartblog

Casart Starfish reusable wallpaper pattern from Designs & Murals Collection

Casart Starfish-14x18-w on Slipcovers for your walls

An Outdoor Pillow slipcover can instantly change your look.

Casart coverings Decor Starfish-reversible pillowcover_casartblog

Or take your mental wandering to the tropics!

Casart coverings_Shrimp Creole_Pillowcover_casartblog

Take a trip to the tropics! Drink umbrellas help bring on the warmth.

However you get your mental mind wandering to at least believe it is spring, we think the answer to the top question is that great visuals can set the stage to make your mind wander and wonder where you’d like to be.

Even if it is the beach in your mind or on your wall, we hope you’ll enjoy the trip that visuals can bring.

Casart-coverings_Katherine-Collection_ Quickie on the Beach scene

“Quickie on the Beach” from Casart’s Katherine Collection

What Color is Your Easter Bonnet?

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016

Spring is here and Easter and the Cherry Blossom Festival time is upon us, It’s a glorious time to be in DC!

As we all get dressed up to celebrate these occasions, we want to ask you what color is your Easter Bonnet?

Here are a few wonderful examples to help you celebrate the season.

This old-fashioned example from Hibiscus House reminded us of the respectful tradition of dressing up for Easter.

And, where else is there a time-honored tradition of wearing hats, The Kentucky Derby of course! This will be right around the corner in May. This sunny sunflower hat will certainly grab attention. Just be careful as you turn while wearing it. Don’t want to knock anyone’s mint julep.

Sunflower Easter Bonnet_casartblog

via Hibiscus House

How could we not like this lively floral bonnet from Flora2000, with its own butterfly.

Easter Bonnet hat with butterfly_casartblog

via Flora2000

When thinking of these Easter bonnet and springtime colors above, we have our own decorative wall decor to wear with these colorful Casart Slipcovers for your walls. First up, Casart Yellow Colorwash temporary wallpaper, styled here by Mary Douglas Drysdale, as part of our Wallfinishes Collection.

Casart coverings Yellow Colorwash temporary wallpaper_Drysdale Interior design_casartblog

Drysdale Design & Casart Colorwash coverings

This next room, fits the bill for pink and green with our Green Artichaut as the focal point. It was easily installed with a peel and stick, self-adhesive backing, and easy to also remove and reuse.

Casart coverings Artichoke temporary wallpaper bedroom_casartblog

Teenager’s bedroom with Artichaut Element / Designs & Murals

And of course we love butterflies!

Casart coverings Butterfly wallcovering on Slipcovers for your walls_casartblog

Casart Butterfly wallcovering

Especially our brand blue!

Casart Single Blue Butterfly_Slipcovers for your walls, casartblog


With the start of Cherry Blossom Festival in DC next week, here are a few sneak peek pics as the blossoms are near popping. Millions of people will descend upon the city to see the spectacular display at its peak.

casart_Cherry-Blossoms_casartblog. Photo by C. Ashley Spencer

Cherry Blossom on Photobucket

All of these spring flowers and colors are inspirational as we think about and work on new designs.

Here are just a few examples derived from Nature’s inspiration for these beautiful reusable wallcoverings.

Casart coverings Rose Raw Silk.


These wonderful prize-winning camellias were the inspiration for our Camellia wallcovering.



Here it is used as a decorative accent to add personality to a dorm room.

Casart coverings Camellia at College_casartblog

As there is a comeback in florals, we’ve enjoyed offering Peonies in several colors along with our other Botanicals, like Flower Power below.

Casart Flower Power temporary wallpaper on Slipcovers for your walls, casartblog

If you’d like to treat someone else with Casart wallcovering, give an Easter Floral Gift Card.

Unlike real flowers, these last!


We close with this beautiful de Gournay wallpaper, featured in Traditional Home, to give you some extra inspiration to dress up your space with your own Easter Bonnet.

Of course, this is traditional wallpaper needing extra cost for professional installation and with no reusability. This room, designed by Melissa Warner, inspires us with its unusual pop of orange color and gorgeous Chinoiserie style.


Wishing you a happy Easter and springtime celebration!

And remember this as you don your Easter Bonnet…You can always be unique and pop your own peeps!

Easter Bunny Peep hat_casartblog

NYC Easter Parade – via Buzz Feed


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