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Turning Your New House into Your Home

Wednesday, July 6th, 2016

In light of the recent series of real estate oriented posts and the recent July 4th holiday, we’re partially reposting a pertinent topic on What Makes a House an [American] Home?

Now that you own your new house, how do you make it your home?

This can be a really subjective question because “home” has specific and personal meanings to each individual but the National Building Museum in Washington, DC has attempted to put it in perspective with their House and Home exhibit, which is on view through May 2017.

house as seen on slipcovers for your walls, casartblog

Home as seen on slipcovers for your walls, casartblog

We’re all about individual expression here at Casart Coverings, and believe this is what makes our homes personal to each and every one of us. How do you do this, by collecting, displaying and personalizing what you like — making it your own.

Timeless Trends_MoRockAnSoul_Blue Arch

MoRockAnSoul_Blue Arch paired with a timeless classic, Alice in Wonderland print


Evolution Home_Libby Langdon Groovy Gate for Casart Coverings removable wallpaper

A screen and bookcase backings are transformed with Libby Langdon Groovy Gate

Make a space your own with a Custom wallcovering, as seen below. The yellow birds were color matched to the yellow kitchen cabinets.

Make a kitchen your own with Custom Casart Coverings Birds & Birch removable wallpaper

Make a kitchen your own with Custom Birds & Birch wallpaper

Detail Make a kitchen your own with Custom Casart Coverings Birds & Birch removable wallpaper on Slipcovers for your walls, casartblog

Keeping this in mind as well as below, let us know what make your house a home.

This quote from Thomas Mellins, an architectural historian who organized and helped curate the exhibit, explains that it may not be exactly what you think:

“In America,” Mr. Mellins continued, “we are very connected to this idea of individuality. Even if we do inherit a place to live, we are interested in personalizing it and having it express our innermost thoughts, desires, aspirations. What is less obvious or less known to most Americans is the way in which their houses reflect major economic changes, government policy, technological advances and consumer culture.”

The exhibit tackles these themes in six galleries:  Living at Home, Building a House, Buying a Home, Models, Film, and Education. The exhibit starts with pictorials from the American Memory Institute (I didn’t know there was such a thing) as well as historical societies and Flickr.

Living at Home displays a few American iconographic items that have progressed in importance over the course of time, like a butter churn, a Farrah Fawcett poster, a fondue set and a painted front porch door. Some have become collectors’ items.

butter+churn_via_philippine genre stories, as seen on slipcovers for your walls, casartblog


Farrah_Fawcett_iconic_pinup_1976, as seen on slipcovers for your walls, casartblog
Painted front porch with American Flag casartblog


Building a House has “touch walls” with building materials with texture.

construction materials as seen on slipcovers for your walls, casartblog

Casart removable wallcoverings could be in this category as well as others.

Our Faux Glass Tile gets the look without the hassle, expense or long-term commitment.

Casart Coverings-Faux Glass-Pink-tile temporary wallpaper in room_casartblog

Casart Faux Glass Tile as full wall decoration – beyond just backsplashes or a bathroom

Buying a Home shows the progression of the modern mortgage system.

mortgage, as seen on slipcovers for your walls, casartblog

Models displays 14 iconic American home models commissioned by the Museum including Mt. Vernon among others, accompanied by photographs.

Suburban-Home-Models, as seen on slipcovers for your walls casartblog

Films show 6 movies of animated tasks such as laundry, and cooking and how these have evolved to make a home function. Another gallery shows contemporary designed architecture and examples of planned communities.

mid-Rhof-handwaschen.ogg, as seen on slipcovers for your walls, casartblog

Laundry has come a long way as seen on Chris Kauffman’s blogspot. We can now sit back and let our machines do the work while we enjoy the design of the space.

chris-kaufman_laundry21 on Slipcovers for your walls, casartblog

Modern architecture for a home has also come a long way as well, as seen in this premier property listing in Florida.

modern home in florida_via premier estate properties on casartblog


Here’s what the press says regarding this exhibit:

“In gallery after gallery, the show explores how the American dream of homeownership has played out over the years, in consumer artifacts…and models of architectural milestones, culminating in a double-screen immersion into architect-designed spaces.”—The New York Times

House & Home…explores a subject so wide and so fundamental to American life that it inevitably touches the pleasure buttons of nostalgia.”—The Washington Post

House & Home will take an expansive look at what it means to be at home in America.”—The Huffington Post

“…the National Building Museum’s most ambitious project to date.”—Washingtonian

If you are traveling to DC this summer for vacation or even next year, you may want to check it out.

Meanwhile, have fun turning your new house into your new home with some personalization.






A Traditional Trend Going On?

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

Can it be that there is a traditional trend in interior design going on? We’ve noticed a harking back to design motifs that give the impression of traditional decor but that are presented in a fresh new, modern way, with mixing, pairing, grouping and accent features.

This was apparent from many bloggers who attended the most recent High Point Market, the famous bi-annual trade show for interior designers and product vendors. Looking at interior designer Linda Holt’s post, it is evident some of the “trends” she mentions are actually timeless. The top three that cross over with others are: 1) Nature-inspired decor,  2) Chinoiserie / Eastern Accents, 3) Practical materials with stain resistance, wipeability for everyday living all in these colors: shades of red/pink/coral, blue, emerald green and metallics.

For example Chinoiserie never goes out of style. It’s just making a resurgence, as mentioned in previous posts.

As witnessed in the latest May issue of House Beautiful, interior designer Summer Thornton, commissioned Chinoiserie mural panels to make a visual statement in her client’s home entry. The theme is further enhanced by beautiful blue and white Chinese ginger jars.

Summer Thornton uses custom commissioned Chinoiserie panels to make a visual statement_casartblog

Summer Thornton uses custom commissioned Chinoiserie panels to make a visual statement

To carry the traditional, yet contemporary-styled theme to other rooms, multiple heron prints are used with another blue and white porcelain vase as an accessory along with a natural coral “specimen.” This interior styling visually harmonizes smooth transitions between rooms.

Summer Thornton uses heron prints to make a visual statement_casartblog

Other exotic displays of Moroccan tiles are used to make a big impact with a feature wall but gracefully paired with accessory pieces to consolidate a harmonious look. We love it! Blue and white always gives a fresh, crisp and clean impression. This combo is timeless.

Summer Thornton uses patterned tile feature wall to make a visual statement_casartblog

These “timeless trends,” although dichotomy in the description, does make us reflect on the appreciation taken for time and detail in products that are not mass-produced and that lend an artistic quality that permeates and personalizes any space. This recalls our last post as well as a few previous ones regarding Casart coverings.

Fromenthal Embroidered Chinoiserie Panel_casartblog

Fromenthal beautiful embroidered Chinoiserie panel is $1,345 / square yard – via House Beautiful

This type of interior design is beyond trend, it just comes back into fashion now and then as tastes are constantly changing. Using traditional concepts can always be the foundation from which new interior design and creations are formed. In this way, tradition becomes new again.


Animal Inspiration

Wednesday, April 27th, 2016

We recently learned of a new video about one of our favorite artists, Jane Kim, of Ink Dwell Studios. The video not only depicts her creative process but explains how she paints with Nature always in mind, through animal inspiration.

Jane’s artistic talent is tremendous as is some of her projects.

We’ve posted about Jane and Ink Dwell previously regarding the project in which she used Casart wallcoverings as templates to paint the continents for her exceptional and huge mural at Cornell University’s Ornithology Lab.

Jane Kim_from-so-simple-a-beginning-1000x441_casartblog

1_Many birds painted by Jane Kim on Slipcovers for your walls, casartblog

Many birds painted by Jane Kim

Cassowary bird painted by Jane Kim on Slipcovers for your walls, casartblog

Cassowary Bird

The mural is 70 feet wide by 40 feet high! Jane and her Ink Dwell team painted all the birds to show their origin and progression over time. It’s her testament piece, as is her upper and lower (collage scope) sea murals at the National Aquarium in Baltimore and her Migrating (Mountain Sheep) Mural in Sierra, Nevada, to making sure these gorgeous animals are preserved in Nature.

Jane Kim_livingseashore_inkdwell_27-1000w-1000x563_casartblog

Jane Kim_livingseashore_inkdwell_34-1000w-1000x644_casartblog

Jane Kim_livingseashore_inkdwell_18-960x423_casartblog

Jane Kim_Migrating Mural2_casartblog

Jane Kim_Migrating Mural1_casartblog

We hope you’ll be inspired with her artwork and with Nature as we are.

As Jane says about Ink Dwell, “Inspiring people to love and protect the Earth one work of art at a time.”

We love Jane’s scientific style and approach.

We can’t claim the amount of talent she possesses but have attempted our own tribute to Nature with our Gulf Coast Collection, which was inspired after Hurricane Katrina with ongoing Gulf Coast preservation efforts.

All of our Gulf Coast Designs, including our Pelican and Gulf Coast Birds (Egret and Great Blue Heron), give charitable portion of proceeds to help the Gulf Coast region protect itself and wildlife from future natural disasters.

Casart coverings_Pelican_4x_casartblog casart_GC Birds_Egret-Heron_4x_casartblog

You can even surround yourself with Gulf Coast natural wildlife with a mural for the full emersion experience.

Casart coverings Gulf Coast Mural temporary wallpaper Room View_casartblog

Casart Gulf Coast Mural Room View

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