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Unplugging for Contemplative Art

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015

We all can feel the effects of being attached to too much technology for extended periods of time in this age of informational overload. This is why Casart coverings is unplugging for contemplative art and a little cloud meditation.

We think it wise to break away and be in the moment every now and then, especially when we read articles that confirm how bad it is for our brains to be connected continuously.

Casart coverings Cumulonimus Clouds Light Cyan Soft Shadows Sky temporary wallpaper_casartblog

Haven’t you caught yourself saying you are going to “unplug” while on vacation and get some down time. Well, maybe a little daily dose of down time is a good thing. It actually helps us refresh and maintain focus when we need to. We like to think our Cloud Collection is helping reset the “mind-wandering mode” that leads to increasing creativity and focus.

Dr. Levitin’s book, “The Organized Mind: Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload” describes what happens when there is too much social media time: “Every status update you read on Facebook, every tweet or text message you get from a friend, is competing for resources in your brain with important things…” Since the continuous information overload from these platforms taps “your attentional filter,… we find ourselves not sustaining attention on any one thing for very long — the curse of the information age.”

Brain Charge-via DailyReckoning on Slipcovers for your walls, casartblog

To have constant stimuli is actually what your brain craves, however, due to the dopamine effect it brings. Consequently, it can be addicting to be “on” all the time. We have to make the difficult and conscious effort to detach from technology and so we don’t detach from others. Actually detaching from the social media counterintuitively forces us to truly engage with others. You see this occurring when people put down their smart phones at the dinner table. Sometimes, folks just don’t know what to do with themselves when they do unplug. How many times have you pulled out your phone when you’re waiting in line or feel like you could be doing something else rather than “wasting” valuable time?

img-technology use_via William blog Autralia on Slipcovers for your walls, casartblob

Guilty! In fact, the article referenced states, with constant stimuli, “it’s harder to engage in deep thought, critical thought, and creativity.” Oh no, Casart coverings is all about creativity, even our name meaning “art for your home” implies the creativity it takes to produce such wallcovering artwork. Equally important to us is the fact that our wallcoverings are not mass-produced. Every order gets custom-printed with attention to detail.

Coincidentally, we didn’t intend on timing our new designs with the Pope’s visit to America. However, we find it uncanny that our clouds can get one gazing upward and thinking of the heavens. They help induce contemplation as real clouds would. They appear to move across your interior and create a sense of magical wonder and peace.

Casart coverings Customer Custom Ceiling Clouds 2 as temporary wallpaper

Coincidentally too, we are not the only ones in the interior design industry thinking this way. It’s our prediction that you’ll be seeing more types of designs that induce relaxation precisely to unwind from too much technology.

Just look what we found recently in various shelter magazines and catalogs. How uncanny. And remember our own post from the DC Design House?

Back Stair Hall designed by David Benton on casartblog

Back Stair Hall designed by David Benton

House Beautiful’s October issue states the following about this beautiful cloud artwork by Oly for $2,125, “Outstanding art is cropping up in the most unexpected places.”

Cloud Artwork_House Beautiful_casartblog

Traditional Home touts clouds in their spread on the Napa Valley Showhouse in their October issue.

Cloud Artwork_Traditional Home_Napa Valley Showhouse_casartblog

Cloud Artwork_GrandinRoad_casartblog

It takes about 6 months to produce and publish a story in a monthly magazine. This means editors were thinking about clouds and airy designs right about the same time we were. (Although, we’ve been wanting to introduce clouds a lot sooner, since they have always been a popular request.)

Not to say we’re on trend but we think we may have just been ahead of this one. As stated previously, we typically don’t follow trends and offer classic designs that outlast one-time current tastes. We just find it interesting that our Cloud Collection appears to be coinciding with what interior design, magazine editors think the public should like. We hope so and are happy to be in sync.

Living in the Cloud – Really!

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015

Living in the Cloud just became a dreamy reality through Casart coverings with our new Cloud Collection!

Casart covering Customer Custom Ceiling Clouds as temporary wallpaper

Casart coverings Customer Custom Ceiling Clouds 2 as temporary wallpaper

Did you ever want to stop, linger, relax and reflect under soft wonderful, brilliant clouds but your day is too busy?

Now you can bring the outdoors inside with Casart’s Ceiling Cumulonimbus.

Enjoy these majestic clouds in various colorways that represent different times of the day.

In fact, ‘living in the cloud’ can be calming, stress-reducing and provide relaxation and reflection, as seen below in a custom project for one of Casart’s clients.

These clouds are not just on ceilings, where you might expect to see them but also on walls. You actually feel uplifted when you walk into the room.

Casart Client Example of Clouds on ceiling and walls

Consequently, we’ve also added Cumuloninbus wall clouds (in 8 colorways).

Casartcoverings Cumulonimus Clouds Light Cyan Soft Shadows Sky temporary wallpaper_casartblog

You can mix and match and pair these with our ceiling clouds, or even customize the color or direction.

Here’s an example of the same design used as a mirror image for greater wall coverage.

Casart coverings 2 mirro Cumulonimus Clouds Light Cyan Soft Shadows Sky temporary wallpaper_casartblog

You can also pair, mix and match with our puffy Cumuloninbus wall clouds and more elongated Stratocumulus wallcovering.

Remember all those scientific cloud names that you were supposed to learn in grade school? Casart is putting them to good use with some visual representation.

Casart coverings Cumulus Clouds Daylight temporary wallpaper_casartblog

Both of these types of clouds come in the same ever-changing colors of the day — from sunrise to sunset and even a cloudy-gray version. This not only represents various day-into-evening hues but allows you to combine one cloud design with the another.

Casart coverings Stratocumulus Cloud Sample temporary wallpaper_casartblog

What’s really atmospheric, is we also have the graduated or gradient cloud background offered in our new Ombré Gradient design in our Wallfinishes collection. This design has no clouds but you can still use in conjunction with the Cloud Collection.

Casart coverings Ombre Gradient Sample temporary wallpaper

We are very excited to let you know that this Ombré Gradient design is “directionless”!

You can use these wallcoverings in any direction you want. You can use multiple panels of this design horizontally and turn and flip so that the lighter side slowly morphs to the darkest hue in one direction or use in the reverse direction. They can also be used vertically with the same premise — the lightest hue can be on the top or the bottom. You get to create the mood.

Casart coverings Gradient visual explanation temporary wallpaper

These are among some of the most versatile designs we offer with an infinite way to use.

Don’t stop there, because we have other designs that complement these, like our Fireflies, also in various day-like hues.

Fireflies in progression as seen on Slipcovers for your Walls blog

Casart Firefly Design, seen in progression


Play Table after Casart Fireflies, as seen on Slipcovers for your walls

Play Table after Casart Fireflies

You can read more here about our Casart customer’s Ceiling Cloud installation in the Customer Gallery.

You can read our previous post showing other examples of clouds used on walls.


Creative Inspiroation with Digital Spirograph

Wednesday, September 16th, 2015

We know what you may be thinking…No, inspiration is not misspelled. Inspiroation is a new word that has been coined by combining inspiration with Inspirograph, the new creative tool that we just discovered. Warning: it’s bound to make you addicted —  if you like Spirograph, like we do.

While waiting to post about new designs, until some more prep can be ready, most folks might just take a walk around the block to get energy, blow off steam or when they have a mental block or just need a refresher; however, finding creative inspiration is my reboot.

Are you too young to remember Spirograph, that iconic children’s drawing toy that was popular in the 60’s & 70’s?

Actual Spirograph featured on casartblog

Actual Spirograph


Original Spirograph instruction booklet on casartblog

Original Spirograph instruction booklet


It was educational and taught geometry and spatial relationships without one even knowing it. It made math fun, especially for those more artistically inclined.

It was the best!

I even still have my original set! I won’t tell you how old it is though but let’s just say we share a birthday.

I’ve been out of the toy buying market for quite some time so I wasn’t even aware it was still being made but guess what, it’s celebrating it’s 50th year! How timely for this posting.

Now it’s back in digital format. You can create designs just as if you were using those plastic Spirograph gears but instead of punching holes in your blank drawing sheet to hold the gears in place, which always messed up the sheet unfortunately, you can create your designs online and get this — without messing up!

How cool is that!

I certainly don’t want to take anything away from the original Spirograph since it really is one of the best, smart, old-fashioned, gadget-type-toys that should be experienced by every kid but if you want to try your hand at it digitally, here’s how it works. Simply go to Inspirograph and play.

Inspirograph gears

Inspirograph rotating gear (inside a ring)

Choose your fixed or rotating gear-discs and your rings in either the smaller 144/96 or larger 150/105 sizes.

The rotating gear makes your pen travel on the inside of a ring.

The fixed gear makes your pen travel around the outside of a fixed-in-place, centered, gear-disc.

Inspirograph-fixed_on casartblog

Inspirograph design that rotates around a fixed gear

There is also the oblong disc that was always too cumbersome to use well but creates some interesting shapes.

Select your pen color and background color on the right side. You can play with different background and color choices during and after your design is complete. You can also undo and erase using the key controls.

Inspirograph Key shortcuts on casartblog

Inspirograph keyboard shortcuts

Save your design to download and submit to the gallery. Viewing the gallery will give you “inspiroation” from what others have done. It’s also nice to see that others are as equally excited about this new digital Spirograph.

Inspirograph Gallery of submitted designs on casartblog

Inspirograph Gallery of submitted designs

Inspirograph design with dark background on casartblog

An Inspirograph design with dark background

Have fun! It’s cathartic with a healthy dose of fun doodling. Plus, a mobile app is coming soon!

Final Inspirograph design on casartblog

Final Inspirograph design

Let us know how you get your creative inspiration? What is your favorite children’s toy?

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