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Catching the Casart Demo

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

We’re excited to be doing a demonstration with Casart reusable wallcoverings this coming Friday at Evolution Home, one of our retailers in Alexandria, Virginia.

Casart coverings demo_Evolution Home

We’ll be showing how to use Casart wallcovering from the Libby Langdon Collection on more than just walls, such as  furniture and bookcase backings.

Casart multiple rolls_Libby Langdon Collection

Rolls of the designs from the Libby Langdon Collection for Casart Coverings

Evolution Home_Libby Langdon Groovy Gate Casart Giveaway

A screen and bookcase backings are transformed

If you’re in the area, come see us at Evolution Home.

Evolution-home_Casart coverings retailer

Come join us!

You’ll see how easy Casart is to use!

Post Mardi Gras Pairing

Wednesday, February 18th, 2015

Mardi Gras is over, sad to say, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t continue to enjoy the festival look with purple, green and gold.

We’ve added new designs since we last posted about these chairs. They have great lines and a sophisticated design that can withstand the test of time. Coincidentally, they just happen to be Mardi Gras colors.

We want to show how they might look paired with some of our Casart designs as backdrops. The nice thing about many of our designs is that they are not meant to overpower such stand-out furniture pieces as these chairs. They are meant to enhance — letting one’s own décor take the front-and-center show. We’re actually happy to stay in the background for this kind of purpose. However, we also offer designs that make a bold statement for those who want their walls to take the focus. We’ve shown a few comparisons.

This purple velvet Rivington chair below from Jayson Home & Garden would look great with so many of our Casart coverings:

Casart removable wallcovering - custom designer wallfinishes

Casart Lavender (monotone) • Gray Faux Linen (contrast) • Beeswax Yellow (complementary drama)

Casart lavender fireflies

Lavender Fireflies – T3 Collection

Casart purple white Crawfish Cotillion removable wallcovering

Purple_Jayson-Chair_casartblog, seen on Slipcovers for your walls

This Chloe yellow patterned chair from Crate & Barrel would be even more lovely if paired with our classic Wallfinishes and Gulf Coast Recovery Designs — our Crawfish Cotillion in Cream/Gray/Vermilion. Lively Lattice in Aqua Mist and the Mini Maze in Anchor Gray and White are both bold patterns from the Libby Langdon Collection but work with this chair:

Casart-removable designer wallcoverings_colorwash-fauxlinen-cotillion-composite_casartblog

Casart Teal Colorwash, Green Faux Linen and Vermillion/Gray/Cream Crawfish Cotillion — this design gives back to Gulf Coast Recovery

Libby Langdon Lively Lattice in Aqua Mist

Anchor Gray and White Mini Maze-Libby Langdon Collection for Casart Coverings

Anchor Gray and White Mini Maze-Libby Langdon Collection for Casart Coverings

Chloe_Crate-n-Barrel-Chair_casartblog, Slipcovers for your walls

3) I’ve always admired this  one-of-a-kind, Green Grass, French Style Chair from Margaret Elman and its classic lines and photographic grass fabric, which gives a trompe l’oeil effect. It could naturally pair with designs from our Organics and Botanical Collections Also, our Stripes, either Individual or in a Combined Pattern would work:


Casart Tan Raw Silk • Satinwood • Artichoke Pattern

Casart Sun Stripes Combo2x Casart Earth Stripes Combo3x


Green Elman Chair

Look at your own furniture and see how Casart can help enhance it and make it stand out like it should.

What’s Red Hot, More than 50 Shades of Grey and on TODAY?

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

What’s red hot, more than 50 shades of grey and on Today — the TV show that is?

It’s a riddle but not too hard to figure out.

It’s just in time for Valentine’s Day love and throughout the month of February — so, red-hot now, with our Love Knot sale, where you can save 25%.

Casart coverings_Libby Langdon Lively Lattice used as a Bookcase Backing

Libby Langdon Lively Lattice used as a Bookcase Backing

It has more than more than 50 shades of grey — designs have over 6,000 variations of colors and sizes, as a matter of fact!

Casart multiple rolls_Libby Langdon Collection

Rolls of the designs from the Libby Langdon Collection for Casart Coverings

 Libby Langdon will be demonstrating  the many simple and clever ways to decorate, including how to use peel and stick wallcoverings on Monday, February 16th, Presidents Day. The segment will air during the Kathie Lee & Hoda – Fourth Hour of the Today show.

Libby installs Lively Lattice for Casart coverings

Libby instantly installs Lively Lattice removable wallpaper

I’m sure you’ve figured out; Casart coverings is the answer!

Libby with Libby Langdon Patterned Wallcovering for Casart coverings

Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day — in advance!

Casart coverings valentines day gift card

Casart Valentine’s Virtual Gift Card

Gift Cards make the perfect decorating present for those who want to create their own style. They come in a variety of styles and celebrate most occasions. Let us send one to your beloved.

CasartFaux Glass Mosaic Tile reusable wallcovering as a Heart for Valentine's Day

Red Faux Glass Mosaic Tile – also comes in pink and custom colors.

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