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Casart’s New Scenoiserie Collection

Wednesday, May 25th, 2016

Casart Coverings’ New Scenoiserie Collection has a fresh, contemporary-styled twist on a classic Chinoiserie theme as well as presents travel landscapes that coordinate to wrap any room in exotic, luxurious walls.

You can finally have the look and feel of hand-painted traditional wallpaper but without the fuss — with the modern technology of self-adhesive that avoids extra installation costs.

Casart coverings Japan Celadon and Chinoiserie Mural Panel 5 temporary wallpaper in a room view

Japan Celadon and Chinoiserie Mural Panel 5 room view

Casart Coverings has been very busy over the last six months not only preparing this new collection that we are very excited to introduce to you but to present it on our newly updated website.

We’d love to know what you think? Click this link to see the Casart Coverings updated website.

Our Scenoiserie Collection includes our Japan mural, first in the East Asia series, along with 5 Chinoiserie mural panels. All murals are 52″ wide and can be the focal point on a feature or accent wall or combined in numerous ways to fully wrap a room in a classic, traditional theme that has modern appeal. All panels have the easy installation capability of self-adhesive, removable, temporary and reusable wallpaper.

Casart coverings Chinoiserie1 temporary wallpaper_Rm View with 2 chairs

Casart Chinoiserie Mural Panels 1, 2, 4. Colored / Silver Raw Silk colorway

Each wall panel can be viewed as artwork that can be re-applied in different layouts or different wall locations to give your room decor the ultimate flexibility, never appearing dull or losing its appeal if you want a change.

Be expressive with a visually bold design or go with a more sedate colorway.

Casart coverings Chinoiserie Mural Panels Asia blue colorway temporary wallpaper room view

Casart Chinoiserie Mural Panels 4,3,5. White / Asia Blue Colorwash


Casart coverings Japan Reverse Celadon Mural Panel temporary wallpaper on same colored wall room view

Casart Japan Reverse Celadon Mural Panel on same colored wall


You can even mix and match colors or create your own.

Casart coverings Japan Reverse Celadon with Chinoiserie Panel 5 temporary wallpaper room view

Japan Reverse Celadon with Chinoiserie Panel 5 room view


Click here to view our many other room examples as well as the full Scenoiserie Collection,

Start your exotic journey with Casart wallcovering.

Happy Extended Mother’s Day Announcement

Wednesday, May 11th, 2016

Hello and Happy extended Mother’s Day Week!

This is just a quick post and announcement to say this blog will be operating on a loose schedule through May so time and attention can be given to completing a website update + new designs.

We look forward to getting back to posting soon.

A Traditional Trend Going On?

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

Can it be that there is a traditional trend in interior design going on? We’ve noticed a harking back to design motifs that give the impression of traditional decor but that are presented in a fresh new, modern way, with mixing, pairing, grouping and accent features.

This was apparent from many bloggers who attended the most recent High Point Market, the famous bi-annual trade show for interior designers and product vendors. Looking at interior designer Linda Holt’s post, it is evident some of the “trends” she mentions are actually timeless. The top three that cross over with others are: 1) Nature-inspired decor,  2) Chinoiserie / Eastern Accents, 3) Practical materials with stain resistance, wipeability for everyday living all in these colors: shades of red/pink/coral, blue, emerald green and metallics.

For example Chinoiserie never goes out of style. It’s just making a resurgence, as mentioned in previous posts.

As witnessed in the latest May issue of House Beautiful, interior designer Summer Thornton, commissioned Chinoiserie mural panels to make a visual statement in her client’s home entry. The theme is further enhanced by beautiful blue and white Chinese ginger jars.

Summer Thornton uses custom commissioned Chinoiserie panels to make a visual statement_casartblog

Summer Thornton uses custom commissioned Chinoiserie panels to make a visual statement

To carry the traditional, yet contemporary-styled theme to other rooms, multiple heron prints are used with another blue and white porcelain vase as an accessory along with a natural coral “specimen.” This interior styling visually harmonizes smooth transitions between rooms.

Summer Thornton uses heron prints to make a visual statement_casartblog

Other exotic displays of Moroccan tiles are used to make a big impact with a feature wall but gracefully paired with accessory pieces to consolidate a harmonious look. We love it! Blue and white always gives a fresh, crisp and clean impression. This combo is timeless.

Summer Thornton uses patterned tile feature wall to make a visual statement_casartblog

These “timeless trends,” although dichotomy in the description, does make us reflect on the appreciation taken for time and detail in products that are not mass-produced and that lend an artistic quality that permeates and personalizes any space. This recalls our last post as well as a few previous ones regarding Casart coverings.

Fromenthal Embroidered Chinoiserie Panel_casartblog

Fromenthal beautiful embroidered Chinoiserie panel is $1,345 / square yard – via House Beautiful

This type of interior design is beyond trend, it just comes back into fashion now and then as tastes are constantly changing. Using traditional concepts can always be the foundation from which new interior design and creations are formed. In this way, tradition becomes new again.


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