Seeing Parking Chair Red Instead of Pink

As you may know, we had some snow recently in the DC area. We’re not accustomed to blizzards here and the entire area shut down. It was a welcomed break from the usual hectic routine. We were all forced to slow down, which is a good thing. We were still digging out our cars after a week and there is little remnants of the snow but memories of it linger, like the humor in parking-in-the-snow etiquette.

Some were seeing red when they worked so hard to dig out their parking spaces, just to have someone else take it.

Parking Chairs seemed to work initially for reserving spots.

There was understandable anger but it is a public parking space afterall. Someone will have to do the work to clear it and it’s going to be you if your car is stuck in it and you need to move it. Had this parking take-over happened in a private driveway, well that would have been completely different and the stranger car should then have been towed.

However, this is quite a human phenomenon. There is even a Parking Chair Wikipedia Page.

Snow-shovelers with public parking were getting very creative with their space-saving techniques and seeing red with these chairs, while trying to desperately reserve their spots.

red chair parking space saver on casartblog

via wusa9 news

Tugging at your heart strings with a Teddy Bear that could “turn.”

You could always go hi-tech with these remote controlled parking space savers. Did you even know these existed?

Parking Space saver via Aliexpress on casartblog

via Aliexpress

Of course space takers were giving some of their own.


snow lesson parking on casartblog

from last winter via

If there is another snowstorm, here is a little practical advice for how to dig out your car with a smile.

You may also want to remember that when it gets tough fighting out there in the snow, try to approach it with humor and think “Pink” — love and sharing — Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.

This is a favorite seeing-red, parking-saver below with what appears to be an out-of-place table and chairs set in hospitable Southern style, so lovely, welcoming and nice with multiple people attending but so “bless your heart” if you even attempt to move this table. 😉 Who would have guessed that saving a parking space could be so stylish.

What Will You Choose Stuff vs Experiences?

Just want to alert you that this is a quick post as we’re prepping for what is supposed to be an epic blizzard this coming weekend and we’re hoping to get this scheduled in the queue in case we lose power.

Although a short post, it should give you something to ponder long after reading.

The question is, “What will you choose, stuff vs experiences?”

There was an interesting article recently in the Washington Post stating that retailers have been noticing a 3 % drop in consumers spending on material goods. More often experiences that involve doing something, like going out to eat and travel are being purchased over material goods and Millennials are the drivers for such purchases.

This is not to say some retail items have been “hurt” in this purchasing shift. Certainly technology goods and even automobiles remain robust, but it’s the $150 cashmere sweater or the expensive leather handbag that were given as examples that are being re-thought over experiencing a gourmet meal or a new dining adventure.

dining experience on casartblog

A lot of us can relate to having too much stuff. It seems like at the start of the each new year, ways to organize and store it all (along with plans to get in shape) are top priorities. In fact, if we get snowed in on the East Coast, we may start to feel stir-crazy with all our surrounding stuff, especially if it is not put to good use and just becomes visual clutter.

Storage ideas from Lunchinabox as seen on Slipcovers for your walls, casartblog

Storage ideas from Lunchinabox

exercise and diet_casartblog

The article goes on to state that retailers are looking for ways to broaden their shoppers’ experience; therein, the ability to customize is coming into fashion. For instance, Nordstrom has added customizable footwear in their stores.

Customizable shoes by Nordsrom_casartblog

Although the article seemed to imply that this is bad news for retailers, we at Casart coverings don’t think it’s bad news for boutique retailers — those who specialize in customization, unique and personalized products. This type of purchase, rather than one that may be mass-produced, as just another item, can give the experience one may be looking for.

dining experience with friends_casartblog

The ability to personalize your space, do it yourself (DIY) and invite others to share in the ambiance you’ve created is the experience of community, quality of life and enjoying life with others. It’s more than just showing off your interior dĂ©cor as stuff, it’s about connection, sharing your personality and inviting others into that shared experience, perhaps with a get-together over cocktails and or dinner and one that may even be prepared by all the guests attending. This type of experience actually saves the cost of an expensive meal and affords the opportunity for many experiences by creating a space that you enjoy. Using self-adhesive wallpaper can help personalize your space easily and conveniently. Even more practical than traditional or other types of wallpaper, is that you can remove and reuse Casart wallcoverings, so you can change your space seasonally or whenever you want.

Casart Birds Birch temporary wallpaper Slide1_casartblog

Casart Birds & Birch temporary wallpaper


Custom Casart temporary wallpaper for John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon's Madcap Cottage_casartblog

Custom Casart wallcovering for John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon’s Madcap Cottage

Now, if this is in fact an epic blizzard for the decade — one that will rival the last big snowmageddon of 2010, then we may very well be welcoming a shared meal with a neighbor or two — and looking forward to it!

Blizzard of 2010_casartblog

Blizzard 2010 street scene_casartblog

Wishing you warmth and happiness and bliss that the downtime of a blizzard can bring.

If you are in this snowstorm’s path, please be safe and hope you enjoy.

Here’s another “blanket of white” to consider.

Time for Texture

Have you noticed different forms of texture popping up in interior design room views in catalogs, magazines and even film? Well maybe it’s a prediction for 2016 that this is a time for texture.

What is texture exactly, you might ask?

construction materials as seen on slipcovers for your walls, casartblog

 You might think of texture of any surface that is rough to the touch but texture can be anything that has the visual appearance of a tactile surface.

Texture in interior design can be anything that compels you to reach out and touch. Surfaces with texture or the sense of texture command a lot of presence and with good reason — they engage the viewer.

If you Google “texture,” you’ll see sub categories that include pattern, symmetrical balance, color, light, space and asymmetrical balance. These are not your typical definitions of texture but go along way to explain how encompassing the definition can be.

Google subcategories for texture_casartblog

FreshHome writes a great article on the importance of texture explaining that even if a room has all the right design components in place, “Texture is the thing that makes a room pop. It’s what brings a perfectly fine design up to enviable levels.”

Painting the wall with a decorative finish is just one beautiful way to get visual impact with texture.

You can get a similar effect with Wallfinsh wallcovering that mimics decorative painting but is less laborious and allows you to remove and reuse elsewhere when you want.

This teal-green, faux bois room by Nina Farmer in House Beautiful October 2015 creates the illusion of wood-grain texture using smooth wallpaper. In addition, your attention is piqued because the color is so unexpected  and non-traditionally used for wood.

teal faux bois_casartblog

Casart coverings likes unusual colors for wood as well, seen in our Faux Bois temporary wallpaper.

Rather than rough, another traditional texture is soft. Jennifer Kopf writes that texture is the #2 trend and adds a modern twist to a 60’s comeback  in her article 6 Home Trends Heading Your Way in ’16 for Lancaster Online

white faux fur pillow etsy juliettaboutique_casartblog

Faux fur pillow via Etsy Juliettaboutique

  If you’re watching the new season of American Crime on ABC, you’ll notice that the interior of the LaCroix home is set with plush soft materials like a shag carpet and soft cushions. This updates a 1970’s look with a completely modern feel.


American Crime set via Bustle_casartblog

American Crime set via Bustle

As seen in this interior design example below, Lindsay Lang uses both examples of wood and a soft carpet pattern to create modern texture with a warm feel even with cool spectrum colors.

No matter how you use textures in a room, have fun with it!

Texture can help create interest and a visual statement. This wall, for instance, fools the eye thinking it is padded but it’s faux padded wallpaper and completely flat to the touch but gives the illusion of dimension. You definitely feel compelled to reach out and touch just to make sure!

Casart temporary wallpaper Lime green Faux Padded Harlequin with silver butterfly stencil_casartblog

Lime green Faux Padded Harlequin with silver butterfly stencil


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